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"I started orchestra at eleven, guitar at thirteen, compositions at fourteen, piano at sixteen, and recording at eighteen. I played viola and violin from 6th grade until dropping out of school sophomore year. Orchestra engraved me a love of classical music. With electric guitar, I grew long hair, dyed it black, played black metal and aspired to replicate early Theatre of Tragedy, Dimmu Borgir and My Dying Bride. My compositions were orchestral pieces, done in MIDI, totaling about 500 works, with six thought-out albums. Maybe the closest analogue is Erik Satie? They experiment with repetition, layering and orchestration. At sixteen I learned piano from a composition doctorate, Mike Petersen. He exposed me to Alban Berg, Arnold Schoenberg and Claude Debussy. I loved John Cage and his challenging of what music is. With new inspiration, the orchestral pieces evolved in new directions. I wrote dodecaphonic works and abstract piano solos. Once I used a fractal algorithm to generate a piece.
Released 2018

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